Why Murphy Acquisitions?


Sellers generally want to sell their aircraft for the most amount of money in the least amount of time. Being able to accurately determine the value of your aircraft is critical in achieving this goal. Whether the market is rising or falling, the biggest mistake you can make is to misprice the asset you are selling. In a rising market you are liable to leave money on the table. In a falling market, by the time you figure out the aircraft isn’t worth what you hoped, it is worth even less. Values can change up to $200,000 in a single quarter. The amount of commission paid to a broker can pale in comparison to the amount of money left on the table or lost due to mispricing the aircraft. By cold calling owners, calling on all aircraft for sale and tracking all final sales, Murphy Acquisitions prides itself on having its fingers on the pulse of the King Air industry.

Likewise, choosing a broker without the King Air experience, expertise and contacts could be costly. Your broker should know the subtleties of the King Air fleet.

  • What differentiates one year model from another?
  • What time or cycle limited items on the airframe and engines impact the value?
  • Why should your aircraft be valued higher even though another similar aircraft sold for less?
  • What adds value and what doesn’t?
  • Which prospective purchasers are lying when they say they can buy another similar aircraft for “far less” than what you are asking?

A broker unable to answer these questions through the routine conversations with these buyers could cost you a higher sales price if not a sale.

In order to best represent our clients Murphy Acquisitions has several standards we maintain:

Murphy Acquisitions does not inventory aircraft. Aircraft listed with us will never compete with aircraft which we own and are trying to profit from. Some dealers have a conflict of interest in representing aircraft which are similar to aircraft they own. They often stand to reap greater profits by selling their own aircraft first.

Murphy Acquisitions will only accept a listing if the seller is sincere in their motive to sell and willing to set an asking price within the current market. We frown on the age old practice of telling a seller what they want to hear and accepting a listing no matter what the asking price or expectations. Traditionally there have been two lines of thought in this practice. (1) Once the listing is secured, they attempt to lower the seller’s expectations in the hopes they will come down to reality before their listing expires. (2) They can take the calls that come in on this unrealistically priced aircraft and sell prospective purchasers a different more realistically priced aircraft. Naturally these lines of thought go against everything for which we stand.

Murphy Acquisitions is very selective in the number of listings we will accept. We want to make sure we are able to give each client the attention and service they deserve. Our loyalty to our clients should not be divided.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us concerning the representation of your aircraft. We would be more than happy to discuss its potential value and salability, our services and fees, and send you a sample Aircraft Listing Agreement for your consideration.